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Stand-By: On the Art of Packing

Everyone knows the problem: a rapidly growing range of products that makes your stock of cartons of different sizes increase over hand. A wide variety of cartons is difficult to control and as a result sometimes the size you need happens to be out of stock. A large stock not only takes up a lot of space, it is also very costly. In order to save space you use the same size of carton for different products, which means cartons leave your company containing products that do not properly fit in them. This may cause damage in transit and gives your cartons an unprofessional appearance.

Problems are there to be solved and the solution to the problem mentioned above is a machine invented by Stand-By Polytechniek.

Manufactured in the Netherlands, this system is designed for companies that produce products that vary in length. From now on, an inventory of hundreds of different boxes of all shapes and lengths belongs to the past. It is a sophisticated machine that rapidly converts a length of corrugated, drawn from a fanfold bale, into cartons that fit all your products perfectly. For each product you can adjust (by hand or automatically) the length of the box. An adjustable cutting mechanism creates the closing lid and the bottom of the box, so that the box can be folded with or without glue.

An automatic folding table is available to wrap the board around the product to be packaged. This system is easily integrated into any company’s bar-coding system, and is available in three different sizes to meet the needs of most products.

Moreover, this sysem reduces labor costs by dramatically increasing the amount of packages produced per shift. Material costs are reduced because the cartons produced fit products accurately.

For more information on Stand-By Products, please visit their website here.

Studio Black-Out Goes Live

The new all-purpose sun protection fabric from German textile producers & coaters Bamberger-Kaliko has now been released into the UK market. 

With a top quality coating, a textile front and a colour co-ordinated foam backing the Studio BO range specialises in blocking out external light and creating snug, cosy atmospheres.

Studio BO is currently available in 25 basic colours with further trend colours coming soon. You can check out the full range by following this link. 


Behind The Screens

Exciting news as Belgian textile manufacturer Calcutta have now launched their newly refined Ray-Screen range for the UK market.

Calcutta have streamlined their previous Ray-Screen collection to focus on popular fabrics and colours for the contract market, with the introduction of a new line of Blackout screen fabric completing the set.

For details on the new screen range take a look at the Ray-Screen website here.


Cutting to the Chase

Following the successful installation of ASCO's precision ST Cutting Table last week, we thought we would show it off!

With features such as:
  • Five different cutting systems
  • A stable steel frame with smooth and hard wearing table top
  • An unwinding system with edge control and rewinding motor
  • An optional quick change system for two cutting devices (e.g. ultrasonic and crush)
  • A pneumatic fabric clamp for holding the fabric during cutting
  • Programmable and motorized length stop system for quick, accurate and square cutting of panels
  • Barcode entry of cutting dimensions
  • An array of options including back lighting for inspection, a two step cutting system, a combined fabric pulling system and an air cushion system
  • An expert technician to carry out the installation and train the operators
It's easy to see why more and more people are turning in Asco's direction for quick, accurate and square cutting of made-to-measure awnings, screens, roller blinds and technical fabrics.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for more details.


Coming Soon... Completely Child-Safe Roman Headrails!
We've been hard at work putting together a roman headrail kit that will be 100% up to date with all the latest child-safety developments coming in to the UK next year.

Take a look at a sneak peek of the latest developments below:
Completely child-safe & coming soon!



Ballauff Pinoleum

Did you see our article in the Blinds and Shutters magazine (courtesy of Juliette Hellman PR) regarding one of the most specialised but beautiful window coverings of all. Pinoleum blinds by Ballauff -
Blinds and Shutters - Pinoleum Article


ASCO release - The Giraffe
Asco have released a very handy manually operated roll-lift system for transporting your roller fabrics from stock to cutting tables quickly and without strain. The battery powered device can handle rolls up to 80kg in weight with ease and can lift up to 3m in height and only needs charging once every 14 days.

With health and safety officers getting more excited than ever before about the max lifting weight in factories being 25kg, never before has the need for machine assitance been more relavent.

Please contact Arding Marketing Ltd for further details and pricing.

The Giraffe


Heimtex 2013

Back on home turf following another year at the Heimtextil exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. While the body is a little stretched and pushing to recover itself from late nights, early starts and sore feet the overall feeling coming back is one of a positive nature.

Calcutta's Asanderus booth was a stand out success of the show and while it was predominantly driven towards it's Textile Wallcovering product, there was a good attendance from the Blind industry to catch up on screen and exciting new developments in woven fabrics.
Calcutta's ASANDERUS Stand - Heimtex 2013


Heimtex 2013

As always Arding Marketing Ltd., will be present at the Heimtextil exhibition in Frankfurt this year to give us a good kick in the right direction for 2013! Please contact us if you are making the journey over to Germany for a meeting at one of our suppliers stands.


Curtain Poles by Arding Marketing Ltd.
Our budget wooden curtain poles combined with our up market extendable metal poles have proven to be a great recent success by AML. With competitive pricing, consistent quality and direct sourcing from Hangzhou in China we are seeing new growth in this area.

With Curtains on the rise with blind manufacturers the need for a solid and reputable link to Far East suppliers is as important as ever. Please contact Arding Marketing Ltd for more information and pricing.



One of the few high quality vacuum finished, aluminium backed screens on the market - Aluscreen by Calcutta part of the Rayscreen family has seen excellent growth in the United Kingdom over recent months.

Heat reflection at its highest and glare reduced perfectly by its 3% openness factor, this screen couldn't be more fit for purpose! Contact Arding Marketing Ltd for more information. 



Join us on our cocktail extravaganza every month and we'll transport you to dizzy heights!

This month is simply the best cocktail ever! TRY IT ... You'll never look at a watermelon the same way again!

Recipe: Mega Watermelon Mojito                        Method
30 large fresh mint leaves, torn by hand                Muddle mint leaves
4 thick slices of fresh watermelon                           Process the fruit (minus rind and seeds)
355ml of light rum                                                 Put mashed mint in a llarge jug together with 2 cups of pureed watermelon
1/2 a cup of sugar syrup                                         Add rum, syrup and lime juice
6 tablespoons of lime juice                                    Pour over ice



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AML’s top selling machinery during 2012 has been our Impulse Welding Machines!

Automatically folding pockets, joining fabrics and as an addition you can have our specialised Zip system equipment which makes the difficult operation of applying Zips very straight forward.

Please take a look at our suppliers section and click on ASCO